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Dwellings of Wellington provides personalised residential lettings and property management services, with a specialty in city apartments. Don't hesitate to contact us for an obligation free rental assessment, and experience our outstanding service for yourself!

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What we offer

  • Many years’ experience in real estate and property investment both in New Zealand and Europe.
  • A professional, helpful and personal service to our homeowner and property investor clients.
  • A complete property management solution looking after all the day to day management of your property from the outset, eliminating hassle and providing peace of mind.
  • A very competitive fee of 8% (plus GST) for the complete management of your property.

Dwellings of Wellington is a boutique, family owned and operated residential letting and management company, based in Wellington, and specialising in city apartments.

We’ve had many years’ experience with real estate and property investment in New Zealand, Europe and with our own properties. Unfortunately, our experiences of dealing with property managers and residential letting agents were often negative, and this led us to start our own business with a focus on providing a professional, helpful, and personal service.

If you’re thinking of letting your property, we can find tenants for you, so call or email us today for an obligation free rental assessment.


With Dwellings as your property managers you'll be receiving the best in personalised service. Since we’re a family run business, we understand how even the smallest matters are important to you. We provide a complete property management solution, looking after the day to day management of your property from the outset, eliminating hassle, and giving you peace of mind.

You’ll be dealing directly with us, not subcontractors or transient property managers, as you might find with larger property management companies. This means we'll hand pick your tenants as if they were our own.

We offer a very competitive property management fee of 8% (plus GST) which includes the following services:

  1. Inspection and Rental Assessment

    We will inspect your property and advise you of the condition. If you require, we can advise of any cost effective improvements that can be made to the property in order to maximise the rentals potential.

    We will also assess your property and the local rental market, giving our recommendation on the rent we think your property can earn. Rental price is agreed with you before the property is placed on the market.

  2. Finding a tenant

    We will advertise the property, and invite any suitable potential tenants to view. Viewings are always carried out by arrangement with yourself if you are residing in the property, or by arrangement with any current tenants.

    We engage an extensive tenant screening process including tenant identification, proof of employment and background, credit and reference checks.

  3. Tenancy Agreement

    We will organise the issuance and execution of a Tenancy Agreement and Pre Tenancy Inspection Report as approved by the Office of the Tenancy Tribunal, on your behalf.

    We will also collect a minimum of 3 weeks bond and lodge it with the Department of Housing and Building as required by law. The bond is refundable to the tenant only after a final inspection has been completed, to our satisfaction, at the end of tenancy.

  4. Tenancy Management

    We aim to create a rapport with the tenant from the outset. We believe good relations and communication with the tenant aids sound management of the property, enabling us to keep good tenants. In the case where there are problems with tenants, we can detect them early, and deal with them quickly.

  5. Rent Collection

    We will check for rental payments on the day that they are due into our DwellingS of Wellington Trust Account. Payments, less any expenses, are made via electronic banking to your specified account once a month, and we will provide you with a detailed statement.

    If we do not receive rent monies on the due date, we will immediately contact the tenant for an explanation by all means available to us (phone, email, fax, text). If no satisfactory explanation is forthcoming or we cannot contact the tenant we will issue the tenant with a formal 14 day Notice of Remedy letter as required by the Residential Tenancies Act.

  6. Property Inspections

    We will inspect the property every 3 months during the term of the tenancy, and provide you with a report of the inspection. Should there be any issues in the inspection report that the tenant is required to attend to, we will issue a letter to the tenant and follow up until the problem is rectified.

  7. Maintenance & Repairs

    Should your property require any maintenance or repair work to keep it in good order such as plumbing, electrical, cleaning or gardening services we will organise this on your behalf and agreement. We have a network of cost effective tradespeople who are well known to us at our disposal or, if you wish, you can nominate your preferred tradesperson.

  8. Building Management Options

    If you require renovation or building work on your property, either before or after tenancy, we can arrange quotes and contracts for this.

  9. Rent Reviews

    We will review the rental market relevant to your property, and if we feel that an increase in the rental is due then we will advise you and implement the increase with your agreement.

  10. Disputes & mediation

    In the event of a dispute, we will do everything possible to resolve the problem through mediation. However, if this is not successful we will attend Tenancy Tribunal Court hearings on your behalf. We would very much like the opportunity to manage your property and should you like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us.


Welcome to your new home! As you already know, the property you are renting is managed by Dwellings of Wellington on behalf of the owner. We'll be your point of contact throughout the tenancy. Seen a listing you like? Apply online below.

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